Growing older, I have become more cognizant of the multi-level benefits of stopping for a few moments throughout the day to inhale long deep breathes. Drawing air in fills my lungs, head, and heart with oxygen for clarity and perspective; it slows me down from warp speed to almost halt to gain new vision. The boon is trifold—physical, mental, and emotional. And it’s important not only to breathe in energetically, but also to breathe out just as resolutely.

As spiritual beings, part of the god-head, the Holy Spirit, comes to us through the breath of God in us. Wow!

John 20:22 – And with that Jesus breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” (NIV)

That living, breathing, divine presence of God in us is our daily connection with His abundant life. There is supernatural virtue all around us and available for the asking. Just as we need to breathe Him in, it is very important to breathe Him out through sharing His love with others. It is this action, God’s love shared with others, that fulfills our mission on earth to shine in darkness.

Abiding in Christ through daily relationship of Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship with other believers is breathing in; but sharing salvation in the name of Jesus is the breathing out part. When I give a word of encouragement, comfort, or even gentle admonition, it is the very breath of God oxygenating and reviving a fellow believer along the journey.

With equal mindfulness today, I’m stopping intentionally to breathe in and out. I’m receiving the hope of glory that Colossians 1:27 speaks of, and I’m giving it away.

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