DAYSPRING,  noun: The dawn; the beginning of the day, or first appearance of light. Webster’s 1828

I’m a huge fan of morning! My husband is too. Usually you marry the opposite; but in this case, we are alike—up early and sitting in the dark waiting for the dawn. I might add usually with joy! This is a gift from God that Wayne and I enjoy together—glorious mornings. Truly, they are even more wonderful now that we are empty-nesters because we are not rushing out the door or preparing children to go to school anymore like we did for many years. It does make the mornings even more of a treasure.

God’s word is replete with glorious light imagery and the picture of Jesus as a sunrise. We read in the Pulpit Commentary:

“In his temple service at Jerusalem the priest must have seen the ruddy dawn rise grandly over the dark chain of the distant mountains, and lighting up with a blaze of golden glory the everlasting hills as they stood round about Jerusalem. The thought which pictured the advent of Messiah as a sunrise was a favorite one with the prophets.”

The prophet Isaiah employs the metaphor of Messiah as a sunrise in chapter 60, verse three. Saying, “For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you…” As does Malachi in chapter 4 verse two (KJV), “But Unto you, that fear my Name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings.”

Jerusalem needed a sunrise, a Dayspring to illumine their blackness and despair with the hope of light, as does our world today. In truth every person on earth needs a DAYSPRING to ignite the hope to dream and carry a vision for your life that is bigger than you—that includes generations to come.

Dayspring will come again to you as you wait for the fulfillment of your dreams. Be patient in the waiting. God is not a liar and is faithful! Until that time, may we discover Messiah in perfect love and generosity in the beauty of the sunrise and focus our thoughts on Him and His mission for us in the glorious light of DAYSPRING.

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