The Power of Photography

David Graham has written a fascinating essay titled, “Why Emily Dickinson Would Not Smile for the Camera.” Dickinson felt the camera lied. Those familiar with the poet’s unconvential opinions and sometimes odd behavior know that she had a strong conviction against being photographed, therefore there are only a couple pictures of her in existence.  But wait, this essay explores much more than Dickinson’s…

Inspirational Artist

  “Hand with the Pencil” by Seth Chwast I stumbled upon an intriguing article about Seth Chwast, a talented artist with autism. His artistic renderings are in high demand. If you believe in the power of self expression through art, you will be inspired by his story. Take a peek here. 

Mere Color

  “For JP2” by Yoram Raanan “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” – Oscar Wilde 

If I Only Lived in Italy…

If I only lived in Italy, this is how it would be… Medaggio by Leonard Wren This would be my house and daily view. 

Impressionistic Retroism

“’57 Belair” by Leonard Wren I serendipitously discovered that my favorite contemporary American impressionistic painter, Leonard Wren, has a collection of retroism. I find the juxtaposition of impressionistic art and retro-American lifestyle unexpected and appealing. Take a peek here if you want to see more. 

Emmanuel–God With Us!

This morning at church we sang the old familar chorus, “Emmanuel.” The words are simple and uplifting: Emmanuel, Emmanuel. His name is called Emmanuel. God with us, revealed in us. His name is called Emmanuel. The spirit of the song caused my heart to swell with praise and gratitude. In Hebrew “Emmanuel” means “God (is) with…

100 Simple Things (just the first ten)

“Sunset at Sea” by Monet 1) I love art and get lost in it, could study one great piece for hours. The best art is metaphorical like this piece by Monet. What metaphor do you see in this? 2) I don’t like peas or lima beans. I stuffed them in my pockets as a kid, so…


Here is a video, recently featured on CNN, about a child prodigy who paints and plays the piano.  Her inspiration: God.

‘Certain Slant of Light’

“Evening Light” by Gina Wright, Scottish Painter I love this painting. I get lost in the evening light. I imagine myself sitting on the craggy coast with the spray of ocean water pounding the rocks, the cold and salty air, the wind, the chill, the distant, lost, and lonely feeling as darkness falls.