100 Simple Things (just the first ten)


“Sunset at Sea” by Monet

1) I love art and get lost in it, could study one great piece for hours. The best art is metaphorical like this piece by Monet. What metaphor do you see in this?

2) I don’t like peas or lima beans. I stuffed them in my pockets as a kid, so I wouldn’t have to eat them. My dad said that one day I would like peas and lima beans, but that day never came.

3) I drink spiced, black tea with half and half every morning, with my husband who drinks green tea. I taught my husband to take pleasure in simple things like a cup of tea. On vacation, we allow ourselves the special treat of Starbuck’s frappacinos.

4) I love cats. I love them for all the typical reasons–independence, beauty, nimbleness, dexterity, purring, cuddly warmth. But one of the main reasons I love cats is that they don’t mind if you wake them up from a dead sleep just to play. If you have won a cat’s affection, he wants to play with you whenever YOU choose.

5) I love to entertain. It is an honor to host our friends and family in our home, to serve them, hear their stories, and join in the laughter. It is my desire that our home be a place where we “weep with those who weep rejoice with those who rejoice.”

6) I love poetry. Period. I love poetry. Here is a poem by Billy Collins who was the Poet Laureate of the USA a few years ago.  

7) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Soon my house will be brimming full of people, laughter, the smells of turkey and gravy, cinnamon and allspice, and cranberry and cider. I can hardly wait. There will be stories and laughter and warmth.

8) I love Italy. Many people say they “found themselves in Paris.” Well, I “found myself in Italy.” The many fountains, statues, history, art, culture, food, and ancient beauty drew me in. Italian architecture is what will fill the golden streets of heaven.

9) I am a dreamer. I question the status quo and wonder how things could be better or easier or more productive. I dream of beautiful words to describe beautiful places.

10) I am passionate about cooking. My favorite food is Middle Eastern, since I have lived in Israel and Cyprus collectively for over five years. My signature dish is Tajikistan Wedding Dish with Curry Sauce.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Serah says:

    i love these blogs when you write so personally about your self. we are a lot alike…i would say the same pretty much the same things about myself (except for point #4…sorry). happy thanksgiving to the wilks family.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Matt and all the Rudolphskis! We miss you guys! The house is so lonely now with you gone, the Svionteks gone and now Yvita. People sure do make a house a home.

    Lots of love,

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