Slice of Life

  Here’s a slice of life. I have been sitting by the fire all day in this big chair, reading. Pure luxury. Ahhh, a day just to read… and not to write… to think… and not to write…  

Tapping Bird

  For two days, a little, lost cardinal has been tapping on our front door, trying to get in. He certainly has been insistent. Tap, tap, rapping at our door. I quickly snapped this picture of the little lost creature. He flew away as soon as he saw someone inside, but he came right back. … More Tapping Bird

‘Setting Sail’

It is the holiday season, and everyone is thinking about holiday stuff. Very few are thinking about “Setting Sail ” right now. I am not sure Emily Dickinson was talking about just “sailing” either when she wrote this beautiful poem. Setting Sail Exultation is the going Of an inland soul to sea, – Past the … More ‘Setting Sail’