Jack is Back! (and so is John)


Jack is Short for John

Jack is short for John. John is short for toilet.

Toilet is long for loo. Two loos plus land means crazy.

Crazy is slang for insane. Insane is nice for “elevator doesn’t go to the top.”

Elevator is long for lift that goes to the top. Top is plain for peak.

Peak is unimaginative for zenith. Zenith is a television, an open celestial sky,

and the highest point of the sun at midday. 

Zenith is also a street in Denver. Denver is Hollywood for Duchendorf.

Duchendorf is the last name of John. Last is English for Omega.

Omega is a Greek symbol. Symbol is a mark. Mark is short for German money.

Money is high-English for green backs. Greenbacks are a football team.

A team works together, and teem is short for bristling. Bristle can mean prickle

which rhymes with  pickle and nickel, although the “e” and “l” are

switched. Speaking of “el” when you add an “le” you have Elle, Elle Woods,

who is the famous legally blond with brains. No brains needed to know you

don’t need to know jack to write this. Jack has four pages of meanings in the

Dictionary. Jack is short for John. John is short for toilet. That’s a nasty

way to end. The jack of hearts gets the “Dear John letter.” Oh, dear, 

that’s nasty too! 

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