Language to the Poet

  A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language. –W. H. Auden

haiku: language to a writer

  **************** Language to a writer is rare–each word like cellared, reserved wine. ******************* The writer plummets  the river of language for nugget and gemstone.  

Plum Pudding–Without a Plum!

Just mixed the plum pudding. Since childhood, I remember my Mom’s expression, “That’s plum good!.” She used it and still uses it to this day to describe many things that are wonderful, delicious, great, or just plain good. Sometimes, I say it myself. I am afterall a reflection of the way I was raised. “Plum” is old…

Jack is Back! (and so is John)

Jack is Short for John Jack is short for John. John is short for toilet. Toilet is long for loo. Two loos plus land means crazy. Crazy is slang for insane. Insane is nice for “elevator doesn’t go to the top.” Elevator is long for lift that goes to the top. Top is plain for…

Some Analogies are Better than Others

My mother-in-law’s sister found an analogy I had written a few years ago when they were going through an “analogy” craze–getting a kick out of some of the bad analogies or metaphors that people sometimes write. They had a list of  several that actually were written by high school students. Here are a couple: