I am part of the baby boomer generation.

As I age and change with the times, there are certain seasons that cause me to take stock of my life  — at least more than I have ever considered before. The folks of my generation were radical rebels. We hated the status quo. We yearned for challenge and life that was above the mundane and trivial that we saw in our parents and previous generations. We asked hard questions, revolted through our music, partied hard, dodged war, grew our hair long, and mocked marriage, rules, and authority.

I am not proud of those things, and I really didn’t participate in them like most. But I admire the gutsiness of my generation. Their willingness to be different, take a stand, believe in something and do something about it or refuse to do something in order to effectuate change.

Eventually, those radicals stopped doing drugs, got college degrees, married and had families. And they discovered responsibility didn’t distinguish their fire for life. I am safe in speaking for my generation when I say that many of us still want to turn to world upside. And some have! Some of us are not finished yet!

The next generation was called the “Me Generation.” They were the second generation after WWII and the Great Depression, so life came easy to them — even easier than the baby boomers had it. Some say that apathy is their code word. But I see sparks of radical living in most of them. They want depth and real answers to life’s questions. They desire an exhilarating quest in life, and they know materialism isn’t the answer. They are ready to go all out for something. They just need to be convinced it is worthwhile.

They have discovered that fame and fortune doesn’t necessarily come through study and hard work! You can win the lottery or become famous with a little talent and a lot of luck. This generation is our stellar “techie” generation, creators of iEverything. Their potential is astounding! The world is changing so rapidly, and largely because of their talents and abilities. I love the way they see life, with new eyes and ideas.

Everything cool and sought after today starts with i… thanks to the iGeneration… iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iEverything!, etc… and I like that the “i” is lower case. They have it right!

The secret to life was stated well by a man who wandered in the desert and ate crazy stuff like honey and bugs! He was called John and was born about the same time that Jesus was. John spoke of Jesus, the Messiah of the Jewish people and all nations, he said:

He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


It’s a lesson every generation needs to learn and will in order to stand before a Holy God — the great I AM — the Ancient of Days. It will be too late to decrease our selfishness and large iAmImportant kind of living then.

I am so glad God made provision for iGeneration and all generations… Lamb’s Blood. It works for a life that is iClean. iPeace.

iJesus is what we really want.

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  1. lamarhowell says:

    I have coined a phrase ( I think): You are much less important than you think, but far more valuable than you could ever imagine.

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