It has been some months now since I have written about the passing of my father-in-law last December. The grieving process continues. I still cry at unexpected times, and I enjoy great pleasure in many warm memories as well. Recovering after the death of a loved one is a process. Sometimes I just sit and think, “Wow, … More Shadows

Fading Fingerprints

  In my recent post, “The Last Gift,” I wrote about the last present that Dad gave me on Thanksgiving Day. It was practical, a plastic toothpick holder filled with toothpicks. This morning the thought occurred to me that Dad’s fingerprints, literally, are still on that gift. If I had the powder that the police use … More Fading Fingerprints

Profound Sadness

  The days are passing quickly since we buried Dad. There has been much to do with the season, with work, with keeping the house going. Our daughter leaves for Cyprus in less than a week. She is in a bustle preparing for six months abroad. I have been awake since 4 AM, sitting in … More Profound Sadness