Part 2 The Long Mynd

“I sometimes wonder if all pleasures are not substitutes for joy.” CS Lewis On our second evening in Norbury at The Crown B & B, we heard about a Eucharist service that evening at the St Michael’s and All Angels’ church. Just a short walk from the pub, we grew eager to attend the liturgy…


The river of disappointment and sorrow—the one that catches in your throat and you swallow back, the one that stings your eyes hot with betraying tears—if you release that pain to stream freely, it will push out, out to empty itself into the vast deep of the salty ocean brine that scrubs clean the wound….

The Last Chapters

As a young student of English and literature, it was not permitted to read the last chapter first—not officially—but unofficially. Who wants to spoil the fun of traveling through the intrepid chugging and cascading roller-coaster plot and twists brought to you by perfect words placed in perfect order? The compounding mystery is the journey leading…


Amidst autumn’s burnished copper leaf mirrored across the pond, lighted houses are pressed into dusk against chilly November winds. In this moment at day’s end, let me tell you of my gratefulness. Let me say thank you. The leaves I raked today are resting on the shoulder of the road—bagged and still warm with life….

Desert Purple

I used to be a very sad person. Prone to depression most of my teenage and young adult years, I actually tried to kill myself at age 24. This is something I am certainly not proud of, but I can boast in the redeeming power of God in my life that turned my “mourning into dancing,”…