The Last Chapters

As a young student of English and literature, it was not permitted to read the last chapter first—not officially—but unofficially. Who wants to spoil the fun of traveling through the intrepid chugging and cascading roller-coaster plot and twists brought to you by perfect words placed in perfect order? The compounding mystery is the journey leading to the ultimate ending of triumph or loss found in the last chapters.

The story of life is not

that way. The known outcome has the power to get you through the dark, thick middle—when there is no where to put your rage or reason to spread your joy—when you are alone to grieve and muddle through the day. You need to know that the mundane doesn’t cycle on forever or that there is meaning in suffering and injustice will be righted.

Contrary to prevailing flat thought, there is a Life Manual. Linger over the last chapters first—the ones that say the old dragon, that deceived the world, will be cast into the fiery flames forever—that all tears will be counted and dried—that we shall fall at the pierced feet of pure love and approach unapproachable light.

Yes, read this first.

I guarantee there will still be irony and a surprise ending—eye nor ear have seen or imagined.

©️Bonnie Saul Wilks

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  1. Thank you again Bonnie!!!

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