No Cell Phone for 24 Hours?

Ever-Increasing Light Marking Jewish Themes with Devotion Sabbaths, Feasts, and More “My beloved is to me a pouch of myrrh which lies all night between my breasts” (Song of Songs 3:13). Recently, I relished a conversation with a young man. Preparing to travel the world to share the Good News, his face lit up when…

Put to Shame

Put to Shame Once I dreamed of a handsome prince… then you came–stronger and kinder– all of my dreams put to shame.

The Conquering Hero Returns

This guy is, well, just way too cute… he comes home–the conquering hero–today from Ethiopia… and he will have so many stories to tell us. I have been dreaming about him at night and thinking about him in the day… I always wanted to marry the professor like Jo did in LIttle Women, and it…

A Love Story

Today is our 25th anniversary, so I thought a love story would be in order… A 55 pound tortoise who lives in the zoo in Jerusalem, Israel, is paraplegic, that is her hind legs don’t move. But recently custom fit with a skateboard, Aravat isn’t staying home anymore. Now she ventures out all the time and has attracted a…

haiku: hope

  faith, hope, charity love is the greatest of these, but hope sparks the rest

haiku: one hour

if one day is a thousand years, then one hour with you will be enough

‘Entreat me Not to Leave Thee…’

“The Story of Ruth and Naomi” by Ruth Weisburg This passage is precious. It is so romantic and has been used in many weddings, probably for centuries! And I love the words in the old English King James. They are so poetic. Some words in life should be poetic… And Ruth said, Entreat me not to…