haiku: one hour

if one day is a thousand years, then one hour with you will be enough

‘Entreat me Not to Leave Thee…’

“The Story of Ruth and Naomi” by Ruth Weisburg This passage is precious. It is so romantic and has been used in many weddings, probably for centuries! And I love the words in the old English King James. They are so poetic. Some words in life should be poetic… And Ruth said, Entreat me not to…

haiku: my heart

  I have two hearts: one of tin for daily use and one of rare china

haiku: your smile

  Art by JMW Turner Your smile broke the dawn rose and gold shone on my face colors I still taste. Crystallized moment distantly your smile tingled on my fingertips.  

Dawn… Each One Uncommon

In case you missed dawn this morning, this is what it looked like from my frontyard.   Not knowing when dawn will come, I open every door. –Emily Dickinson

From My Cold Window

  Winter night alone… icy branches in the wind like cold empty arms.   Winter night alone… blue snow under the street lamp blue flames in the hearth.   

Pouch of Myrrh

  Myrrh for a pouch… My beloved is to me a pouch of myrrh which lies all night between my breasts. –Song of Songs 1:13 A few years ago, I wept through a message, delivered at my home church, by Gary Wiens on the above Scripture. I am still moved to tears when I remember his…

haiku: cooking today

curry, cumin, sage and cayenne–ancient spices filling my kitchen.   garlic, rosemary, ginger, cardomon–the world comes to me today. therapy, tonic, and love–a man’s heart connects still to his stomach.

A Father’s Look

Wayne and I have been away from our daughter for over two weeks now. We talked to her on the phone this morning. She said she was missing me so much that she read every post on my blog! Ha! Something she would never do if we were home and crossing paths each day. I…