The Conquering Hero Returns

This guy is, well, just way too cute… he comes home–the conquering hero–today from Ethiopia… and he will have so many stories to tell us.


I have been dreaming about him at night and thinking about him in the day…


I always wanted to marry the professor like Jo did in LIttle Women, and it dawned on me suddenly that I did just that. He is the professor who spends his life speaking… teaching… training… pouring his heart out everywhere he goes.

And all those wonderful things that I married him for, well, they are still there in his heart… like a good reserved wine, they have gotten better with age.


A number of years ago after my husband earned his doctorate in higher education, I overheard my daughter tell a friend, “Hey my daddy is a doctor, but he isn’t the kind that helps people.” I fell over laughing, and we still laugh about that one. I guess only medical doctors help people!


Anyway, he is winging his way home over the the Atlantic Ocean as I write this, in coach, probably pinned in between two large people, trying to get some shut eye.

What a grand reunion we will have and what a sweet Thanksgivng with lots of friends and family around the table.

And my husband will be bringing me back something very precious, something I am dying to get my hands on again…

My camera… I’m still in withdrawal…

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  1. Tara says:

    LOL! I’d probably feel the same way about the camera!!!

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