28 Reasons Why…

Today I married the love of my life! Thank you, Wayne, for 28 wonderful and adventurous years. You make my mornings shine and my evenings sparkle. You still dazzle me and make my heart go pitter-patter! Thank you for showing me the world, exampling Jesus in our home, and helping me through the valleys. The … More 28 Reasons Why…

Authentic or Fake?

Last night we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary with dear friends at The Palms. The cuisine was amazing! Filet mignon, etc… down to the key lime pie. My oh my! It was restaurant week in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, so there were so many great deals on menus at a number of fine dining places. … More Authentic or Fake?

A Love Story

Today is our 25th anniversary, so I thought a love story would be in order… A 55 pound tortoise who lives in the zoo in Jerusalem, Israel, is paraplegic, that is her hind legs don’t move. But recently custom fit with a skateboard, Aravat isn’t staying home anymore. Now she ventures out all the time and has attracted a … More A Love Story


This guy still makes my heart go pitter-patter. Next week we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Yes, we had a hot August wedding in Texas. And here it is again, 25 years later, still hot. So we are heading a little north for a respite from the heat. I wanted to go to Italy or … More Pitter-Patter