28 Reasons Why…


Today I married the love of my life! Thank you, Wayne, for 28 wonderful and adventurous years. You make my mornings shine and my evenings sparkle. You still dazzle me and make my heart go pitter-patter! Thank you for showing me the world, exampling Jesus in our home, and helping me through the valleys. The mountain tops are sweeter with you!

Here are 28 reasons why I love my mister…

1) He is the kindest person I know — not the kindest man — the kindest person.

2) Patient to a fault.

3) Forgiving and exampling the life of Jesus.

4) The most adventurous and risk-taking person I know.

5) Meets problems head on with faith and prayer.

6) Loves to laugh.

7) Plans ahead.

8) Self-sacrificing.

9) Gets me.

10) Great father.

11) Outstanding teacher, preacher, and scholar.

12) Smarter than me.

13) Admirable.

14) Loves to travel.

15) Loves to plan vacations.

16) Laughs at my jokes.

17) Faithfully reads my blog

18) Is grateful.

19) Is gracious.

20) Is a great leader.

21) Loves coffee shops and great restaurants around the world… fun!

22) Seeks God and His kingdom first.

23) Remembers the poor with compassion.

24) Is a wonderful mentor to many.

25) Always reaching out to others.

26) Makes Julia and I feel special.

27) Great provider.

28) Still reads my poetry even though he doesn’t get it… haha!

Thank you for this wonderful life together. You are God’s greatest gift and asset to me! Thank you for sticking with me for 28 years. I really haven’t deserved it.

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  1. Carol Wilks says:

    Bonnie, your “28 Reasons” tribute to Wayne was so dear. May I give you my own 28 reasons I’m thankful that you are my son’s wife:

    The godly woman of Proverbs 31
    Zealous for God’s people
    Loving and faithful wife
    Husband’s Helpmate
    Wonderful mother
    Wonderful daughter-in-law
    Exemplary cook
    Creative culinarean
    Published creative writer
    Creative blogger
    Artistic photographer
    Creative decorator
    Skillful stain glass designer
    Skillful jewelry designer
    Skillful in needlework
    Articulate speaker
    A practiced nurse
    Sense of humor
    Fun personality
    Infectious laughter
    Excellent teacher
    Speaks Hebrew
    Enjoys life
    Enjoys travel
    Missions minded
    Experienced world missionary
    A pet lover
    Snuggler by the fire with hot chocolate

  2. Bonnie says:

    Awww, thanks! Sweet.

  3. David Katz says:

    I was there 28 years ago on that momentous day. Heres to another 28 plus years together.

  4. claudia says:

    aww, hope you had a great anniversary Bonnie, sounds like you not only have a great hubby but a MIL who thinks the world of you and loves you too! Doubly blessed 😀

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