I Am Broken

  A sea of Ethiopians sit across from the tables. One by one they come to us, the several nurses that assess their medical needs and direct them to appropriate clinics. In between patients, my eyes scan the faces–the people who wait patiently, almost reverently for free medical help. They cannot afford to pay for … More I Am Broken

haiku: ethiopia

ethiopian blind man sees what I don’t with his ears, hands, and heart   faith and justice live side by side but faith will die if injustice reigns faith weathers the storm of injustice, knowing God will even the score

Last Day In Addis Ababa

He waited for hours to be seen for an earache. Weeping, pussy eyes… goiters… tumors… backaches… stomach aches… rashes… racing heartbeats… malnourishment… strange smells… toothless grins… grateful hugs… Today I joined the Jewish Voice medical team in Addis Ababa. I will never be the same. I became a part of the triage team of nurses who assessed … More Last Day In Addis Ababa