Last Day In Addis Ababa


He waited for hours to be seen for an earache.

Weeping, pussy eyes… goiters… tumors… backaches… stomach aches… rashes… racing heartbeats… malnourishment… strange smells… toothless grins… grateful hugs… Today I joined the Jewish Voice medical team in Addis Ababa. I will never be the same.

I became a part of the triage team of nurses who assessed the people when they first arrived. We filled out cards, took names, symptoms, blood pressure, and pulses. Then we sent them to either medical, GYN, dental, or eye clinics. We hustled so many people through today, but I endeavored to pray silent prayers, extend smiles, and tender touches as each one passed through. I found so much warmth and gratefulness in return.

It was the last day in that clinic. JVMI treated over 6,0000 people, ground more than 300 glasses per day, gave out a boatload of reading glasses.

From the clinic, the Ethiopians were invited to the prayer room where they received prayer and counseling. Blind eyes and deaf ears were opened. Tumors disappeared and legs lengthened. There were several hundred salvations.

Tomorrow we will fly to Gondar for a six-day clinic. We are told it will much more primitive and the people more desperately sick.

In the afternoon, Jonathan Bernis arrange a meeting for Wayne and me with a number of key Jewish leaders in the city and discussed the starting of a Bible school and congregation. More on that later…

I was stretched in many ways today. And I do feel like we have put a tiny bandage on a seeping, cancer wound… but we did our best. The rest is up to the Lord. Only He knows the eternal outcome of such events.

I just know that 85 exhausted workers will fall into bed tonight full of joy knowing that several thousand heard the name of Jesus and salvation in the same sentence and received a healing touch from the Great Physician.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tara says:

    Certainly puts our life in these United States into perspective……my goodness….

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hey Tara,

    I didn’t write all I can or will on the subject…

    Lots of love,

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