More is More

I love this piece of pottery. Sorry for my indulgence for posting it. There are so many more interesting and magnificent things to post from Israel! But we are consumed with getting settled and really haven’t done anything much but that!  We still don’t have Internet. The wheels of progress turn oh so slowly. It … More More is More

Weapons of Life

One of the sobering realities of traveling interntionally several times a year is connecting with suffering believers around the world. These relationships strengthen and encourage my walk with God. Believers, who live outside of the sometimes surreal bubble of American culture and life, fight hot and intense battles of faith. Some are stalwart and heroic, even unto death.


Caesarea Yesterday, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in Tel Aviv. Then we loaded the car and headed up the coast to Caesarea. Nestled on the sea, Caesarea is rich with Roman and Crusader archeological ruins. The history is fascinating. Here are some of the sights we enjoyed.