More is More


I love this piece of pottery. Sorry for my indulgence for posting it. There are so many more interesting and magnificent things to post from Israel! But we are consumed with getting settled and really haven’t done anything much but that! 

We still don’t have Internet. The wheels of progress turn oh so slowly. It seems that it takes longer because we have never been in the system with a phone or anything, and no one has occupied our apartment.

We did entertain last evening, but I forgot to take photos. Humph! It was sweet and fun.

Tonight we will celebrate friends’ birthdays.

I bought the beautiful pottery above for our 26th wedding anniversary that we celebrated last week. I loved the pot so much I bought three! I have never believed that less is more. More is more!

more to come

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  1. Diana Terry says:

    Bonnie would you add Dennis and I to your email list. I hang on to this one but dont receive them from you anymore.



    I am always sharing with Dennis but he doesn’t open attachments.

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