The Hebrew name, Bethel, comes from two words: Beit meaning “house” and El meaning “God.” As a compound word, Bethel becomes “House of God.” This word has become so popular over the years that it almost seems like an English word now. Many churches or ministries have used it to title their calling or vision….

The Sea

We are in Cyprus for a couple of weeks. This is our yearly trek to the land of encouragement. And encouraged we are! Great to be with the community of friends we have here. Great to be with our daughter, who is stationed here for the next six months. Great to be by the sea….


Over the weekend, we walked on this beach. On this shore. This is in Paphos, Cyprus. It was a gorgeously clear day after a rainy week, so the grass was really green and everything sparkled in the sunshine.  We rented a four-wheel-drive vehicle and followed a roughed trail up a mountain to get a good…

Sea or Mountains?

My husband and I are back in our rented house in the Troodos mountains after a few days by the sea in Paphos. It is cold and wet the morning, and I am longing for the warmth of the sun and sea.

Sunset Cafe

The large room on the second floor here is the Sunset Cafe in Paphos, Cyprus. This is one of my favorite places on earth to be with my family. We usually sit outside on the veranda facing the water. My husband and I have spent many happy hours here, leisurely eating wonderful meals, watching the sun melt…