Over the weekend, we walked on this beach.


On this shore. This is in Paphos, Cyprus. It was a gorgeously clear day after a rainy week, so the grass was really green and everything sparkled in the sunshine. 

We rented a four-wheel-drive vehicle and followed a roughed trail up a mountain to get a good overview of the shore line and ocean where we were walking. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it was breathtaking.


On the way home,  we passed a herd of goats and sheep that were grazing together along side of the road. Of course, at my beckoning, my good husband stopped for me to take a few photos.

I was trying to get them to look directly into the camera so I could get a picture of their faces, but they seemed totally oblivious to us, just feasting on the grass and having a really good day too–just like us.


I started clicking my fingers and clapping my hands, even knocking on the glass window in the car, just trying to get the sheep and goats to look up at me. I did everything I could to get their attention.


Then I had a inspiration. Remember the movie, “Babe”… the story about the pig who wanted to be a sheep dog? And remember the special “sheep” language that Babe used to communicate with the herd?

The words that Babe said were “Ba-ram-u, sheep be true.” When those syllables were vocalized the sheep obeyed and did anything they were told.

It was sheep language or sheep code, or something magical.


Well, in my best sheep, shaky voice, I called out, “Ba-ram-u, sheep be true.” It was the weirdest thing in the whole world, but they froze their tracks and stared at me. They stopped grazing. Suddenly I had their rapt attention.


Every one of them. In fact, the sheep and goats that were feasting in another area clustered around the others and looked at me very intently. Their eyes were glued on me like they were waiting for their next orders, and they were looking directly into my camera and posing for straight-on photos. 

We were with another couple, and we all laughed and laughed. We couldn’t believe it. But we are believers now. “Ba-ram-u, sheep be true.” Is indeed sheep and goat language. I don’t know what it means, but it means something that captivates or alerts or stuns or communicates to those cute critters. They were ready to be true to someone, somewhere… and it looked momentarily like it was me.

Then another car whizzed by us, and they all scampered to the next field. The “ba-ram-u” moment was over…

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew says:

    wonderful- and the green! makes me long for spring.

  2. Bruce Voss says:

    How funny!
    Bonnie, I think you have discovered your new even higher “calling” in life! Apparently you were made to be a shepherdess.


  3. Bonnie says:


    That is so funny. i guess I never thought of myself as a shepherdess, but if the crook fits…

    Lots of love to you as you are away from your girls,

  4. Mom says:

    What an amazing story. That is one to tell your grand kids. I wonder if it would work for me. I love the pictures.
    And I love you. Mom

  5. Tara says:

    Is there a special language for, say, squirrels? Cats? Let me know when you figure it out 🙂 Cute story!

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