To Safe Haven Inch-by-Inch

Hurricane Harvey, summer of 2017. We are sick of hearing about it, and we are not. It’s heart wrenching and heartwarming at once. On August 22, the wind howled while the black stormy sky dumped 50 inches of rain in the Houston area. Some heeded warnings and “got of of Dodge” in time, while others…

CBS Poll on Obama

CBS is giving you an opportunity to rate Obama’s job performance.

Pizza Obama

We pass by this pizza shop in Jerusalem almost everyday. Wayne talked to the shop owner about the name. He thought it was a great idea to name his new restaurant “Pizza Obama” when Obama won the election with such pizzazz last year.  But it seems his place has suffered with the low popularity of…

‘Bad Numbers by Historical Standards’

Sixteen points since his first day in office… “Once a president falls below 50 percent he can no longer say he has the majority of the public behind him–a knockdown blow for a president’s legislative ambitions.” ~David Paul Kuhn, Political Correspondent for RealClearPolitics.