Pizza Obama

DSC_0012We pass by this pizza shop in Jerusalem almost everyday. Wayne talked to the shop owner about the name. He thought it was a great idea to name his new restaurant “Pizza Obama” when Obama won the election with such pizzazz last year. 

But it seems his place has suffered with the low popularity of the American president in Israel. Israelis just don’t seem to want to eat at a place called “Pizza Obama.”

In a poll conducted in late August, less than 4% of Israelis think Obama’s policies are good for the land. In another poll, 88% of the people felt that President George W. Bush was very pro-Israel.

Read the story here.

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  1. David Katz says:

    Well, I guess I am one of those 4%. Shocking huh? I saw Farenhiet 9/11 the other night too . . . no further comment. I don’t think that this entry to your blog will help me in my lack of popularity contest but hey, I turned 51 this summer so I don’t care that much. I’m also on heavey medicine and lost all restraint so I find myself saying things I wouldnt usually say . . . it has caused some trouble over the past weeks. I will try to behave.

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