Secret Cove

Secret Cove The barren season moves with stealth behind the scenes of autumn, steadily edging toward the razor cold and lacy veil of ice and crystal. Then suddenly she falls, winter’s glorious mystique reveals in a day. In sparkling white layers, she manifests and penetrates deeper than surface chill and snowdrift for earth and sea…

haiku: icing

glorious winter frosted branch and leaf, icing on fresh-baked cupcakes

haiku: long nights

winter candle glow lengthens the season’s short hours long nights and brief days

haiku: winter sky

winter morning sky pregnant with the day’s treasures unpacked hour by hour

Below Freezing

I grew up in Colorado, and cold and snowy winters remain a huge part of my childhood memories. Ice skating was my favorite winter sport. One of my close friends lived on a lake close to our house, so I was able to spend time skating. I had blue skates with white fur at the…