haiku: winter sky

winter morning sky pregnant with the day’s treasures unpacked hour by hour

Below Freezing

I grew up in Colorado, and cold and snowy winters remain a huge part of my childhood memories. Ice skating was my favorite winter sport. One of my close friends lived on a lake close to our house, so I was able to spend time skating. I had blue skates with white fur at the…

From My Cold Window

  Winter night alone… icy branches in the wind like cold empty arms.   Winter night alone… blue snow under the street lamp blue flames in the hearth.   

haiku: winter hope

  Icicles glimmer with fleeting desperation, dreading the sun’s rays. Glittering snow glow juxtaposition-sun and snow-sting naked eyes. Gray winter day pours steel into my soul as I forge snow-laden path. 

haiku: barren branches

******************* Lacy and austere at once–beautiful barren trees–winter’s mystique. ********************* Frost-covered branches, in winter-land magic, play music when jiggled. **********************