Below Freezing


I grew up in Colorado, and cold and snowy winters remain a huge part of my childhood memories. Ice skating was my favorite winter sport.

One of my close friends lived on a lake close to our house, so I was able to spend time skating. I had blue skates with white fur at the top. My mom bought the most unique skates because she understood me well…


“Winter Landscape” by Pieter Brueghel

Oh how I loved those blue skates and the rush of icy wind enveloping my body as I whizzed across the lake on those metal razor blades. Joy rose in my young heart as I swirrled around and around.

When I got older and worked as a nurse at Life Center in Denver, I tucked my skates away in my car in the winter. After work, I would go to a city park with a lake and skate as the sun was going down.


“Central Park, Winter” by Glackens

I loved being alone, enjoying the cold crisp air. The exercise and speed set my spirit free. My soul soared  as I ponder the meaning and purpose of life.

I haven’t skated for years but writing this makes me want to get out on the ice again. These last few days the weather in our city has been below freezing–very unusual for where we live. It has been exhilirating and brought back so many childhood memories, especially here during the holidays.

Maybe I don’t skate anymore, but I am still the same little girl whose spirit soared across the ice, that pondered the meaning and purpose of life while on skateblade. A little older, I still have more questions than answers–but I also don’t feel pressure to figure it all out, like I use to…

This below freezing temperature has helped me not forget that.

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  1. jeremy says:

    Cold inspires the same kind of musings within my soul as well…

    I like the cold weather. It makes me feel alive. I treasure the breath that I can see, the heat I can feel so easily be lost from my bones. I enjoy the disparities between the two, the natural collision that occurs. When something naturally warm is put in a different environment it’s harder to blend in, to feel comfortable, to coast.

    But I wonder if that is also a weakness, to be able to define life by death, heat by cold, wisdom by folly..

    Is this God’s wisdom or a concession to the weak heart of man? Perhaps both, because there is nothing quite like something steaming Hot after being outside in the frigid air.

  2. paninigirl says:

    Do you still skate now? A great memory of my childhood is skating on the ponds and lakes in town. We even skated on tennis courts that they froze over in the winter for all the neighborhood kids. I agree, it can be so peaceful.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Hey Panini girl,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I haven’t skated for years but wouldn’t mind venturing out again. It is exhilirating.


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