haiku: barren branches



Lacy and austere

at once–beautiful barren

trees–winter’s mystique.


Frost-covered branches,

in winter-land magic, play

music when jiggled.


There is promise in

the tree, stripped of fruitfulness,

in winter’s glory.


Winter’s splendor is

best revealed in tree unrobed

stark against the gray.


Let the barren branch

take root in bleak mystery–

deep hides the new leaf.


The tree takes no pride

in its leaves in the winter,

only in its roots.


Let winter come in

winter, the bleakness of death

best born once, not twice.


Austerity has

a singular beauty, set

apart and divine.


One Comment Add yours

  1. instillnessthedancing says:

    Beautifully written … substance revealed in simplicity!

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