The New Wonder Years

Having made the leap over the 50 hurdle, it is good to summarize the lay of the land on this side of the mountain. There are so many pluses to the jump I hardly know where to begin.

First of all, the grass is greener, the cup is half full instead of half empty, and I really believe the best is yet to be.

 My real wonder years were not filled with awe and amazement about life. They were filled with insecurity, disbelief in the goodness of God, and negativism. Those pre-adolescent years were not wonder years for me at all.

I would call 50 plus the wonder years. I have lived long enough to take pleasure in small things, to understand that I will make it through the catastrophic events of life, to enjoy giving rather taking, to laugh and cry, to work hard and play hard, and generally to embrace the sage wisdom of Solomon: “To everything there is a season.”

Fifty is a great season. Everyday is filled with the joy of the moment and the serendipity of tomorrow.

Now I don’t live in a perfect world, and I am not without problems nor have I arrived; but there are a few things that others have passed on to me that have made my life wonderful.

1) Another proverb of Solomon says, “Pride comes by contention,” so if there is contention in my life, I know to check my pride level and take whatever steps necessary to correct it. Often this is painful but fruitful.

2) Gratefulness to God and those around me is foundational for a happy life.

3) God really answers prayer.

See in my wonder years, I knew these things; but I did not believe them. But now I believe them and apply them.

And yes, the foundation of these philosophies are biblical and counter culture; but they bring contentment. Maybe the world would call me weak, and I would agree. Without the biblical foundations and the power of God, I am weak, hopelessly weak.

I have a dear friend in Cyprus who is just stepping over into the 50s. I am thinking of her and cheering her on as a champion as she takes the leap. I believe the best it yet to be for her, and I get excited thinking about all the good things stored up for her.

Yes, I consider the 50 plus years to be the wonderful, awesome, amazing and real wonder years.

Every day just astounds me!


  1. Yes, the countdown has begun and I’m ready…I think….Yes, definitely yes. I’m looking forward to entering into what I expect to be the most elegant and daring of years. I raise my glass in a toast to you and other dear friends who’ve already “made the leap” giving solid proof, “the best is yet to come.” Who knew it would be so fun?

  2. Now that I’ve had 10 months or so of “Red Hat” living, I agree—the fifties bring a whole new set of “wonder years.” Lo and behold, I’m still breathing…I didn’t fall off the hill after all, just went over it, and what I see looks pretty good! There is a new assurance and confidence in my heart knowing I survived the big 5-0 with my sense of humor in tact 🙂 Truly, 50 must be the new 40, don’t ya think?

    Love your site Bonnie! What a great idea 🙂

  3. Retrospect is some of the best vision I’ll ever be able to get, and the older you are, the more you have! May I always remember to seek out others who know the lay of the land before I step there, and to not keep my mouth shut on where I have been. Communities are built thus.

    I really like Hebraic thought in this sense. While Western thought would have me as a far removed branch from the tree my ancestors have never seen or dared hope achieve/grow to (pride much?), I much rather like thinking that everyone else has “gone before” me and is now cheering me on- whether they be part of the great cloud of witnesses, or on the other side of ‘yonder hill 🙂

    I’m listening as best I can! Thanks Bonnie!

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