My Laundry is Chasing Me Around the Room…

My laundry is chasing me around the room…

But it is Saturday.

The flowers are peering their thirsty heads into the windows; and the broom is actually knocking on the glass, begging to sweep the back porch.

 But it is Saturday.

Oh, and the ugly stain on the carpet is screaming to be scrubbed. I think I heard the car start itself in the garage, there are errands to run, bills to pay, deals to get…

But I am saying no to all of it.

The is Saturday–my day of serenity.

This is the day I don’t even make my bed because it may call me back between the sheets.

Who cares?

This day of nothing-special-to-do is what saves my soul for the insane six other days of the week where I find myself speeding down the fast lane of life, tempted to break the rules just to keep up. And I hate that feeling. It chokes me.

Today I am serene and centered. I am calm and relaxed. The tv is off. The house is still and soothing. The quiet pours steel into my bones and prepares me for the hard knocks I will find outside the door tomorrow.

But that is tomorrow, and this is today, my Saturday of serenity.

This concept of one day of rest per week is as ancient as creation. God himself rested after creation. I think I can take a cue from the Master of the universe and lay it all down for one whole day.

I have often contemplated the content of the fourth commandment to keep and make the Sabbath holy. It is nestled in with others like not killing or stealing. And I have asked myself why would I believe that I should not steal or kill, yet not believe I should rest? The truth is that I do believe I should take a day to rest, to recoup, to gather strength. It is not a law; it is a privilege and safeguard.

To take the fourth commandment seriously is counter culture, but it adds to the content of my life… and to my contentment.

Today I am taking serenity into my bosom and allowing its calming waves to roll over me, eventually the laundry will quit chasing me around the room and lay down in the basket. 

Right now I am content to prop my feet up, sip my iced-tea, and read Billy Collins’, Sailing Alone Around the Room.

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  1. Tara says:

    Saturday is usually my only day to sleep in as well….if I’m lucky the phone doesn’t ring to wake me up. My absolute favorite thing that day is to wake up without an alarm, then go and fix a pot of coffee, which I drink on as long as I can with lots of hazlenut creamer. Then, I’ll spend time reading my Bible, or emptying out my email, not caring if I eat anything until lunch. Today’s report that a woman’s memory can actually benefit from 3 cups of coffee a day vindicates my occasional weekend binge.

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