Footsteps of a Journey

Just reflecting on this trilogy in poetry I wrote on the Sea of Galilee after a day visiting the ruins of Caesarea. 


trilogy:  to a roman god   

I. Maybe Some Roman

Broken feet from a colossal statute of a Roman god

gleam in the Mediterranean sunshine.

Once maybe some Roman soldier

bowed down and grabbed

the feet of this god in worship.

Maybe some Roman soldier

kissed its toes and hugged its ankles—seeking

the blessing of this

stone-cold statue.

But such faith had one Roman soldier

that Jesus said his was the greatest faith

in all of Israel. That Roman soldier

maybe worshiped stone-cold gods at one time.

But when Jesus came through,

the Roman soldier believed,

he just knew, that Jesus could speak

the word from a distance

that would raise his daughter

from her deathbed.

II. Only His Feet Remain

Only his feet remain, Roman god of Caesarea.

His body is destroyed, crushed to powder,

with two feet to show. I cannot think of him now. I can only ponder

the sacrificial truth

the tempered truth

the tried truth about

the beautiful feet

that carry the Good News

to the nations of the gods.

III. the feet of a roman god

these are the feet of a roman god.

they are magnanimous, colossal,

strong, enduring, beautiful,

and as white as purity.

they are everything a god should be.

but they are not pierced.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. emma Rudolph says:

    wow what an ending that grabs you.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hey, Ems!

    Good to hear from you, girlfriend!

    Miss you,

  3. costoflove says:

    Bonnie…you have such a way with words that they uncover layers of beauty

  4. Bonnie says:

    Thank you, Patty.

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