haiku: soaring


Last week we had a meeting in the Anatole Hilton. My soul feasted on the view from the 29th floor. The sky, clouds, buildings, maze of highways, and landscape took my breath away. Perspective makes all the difference.  Everything looked completely different and new from that vantage point. The view mesmerized me.

But it was the birds that stole my heart that morning, soaring on wing just a few inches from the glass of the windows. I never saw one bird flapping its wings. They all just floated, coasted in the air, letting the breezes glide them along. They looked so free; the luxury of flight became so enticing.

I am not the first

human to envy a bird

in flight, nor the last.


This season of light

reminds: Messiah rose with

healing in His wings.


I was made to soar:

rising as a bird, healing

instead of wounding.


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