Sweet Memories Linger…

Family and friends gathered around 1:30 PM. We ate about an hour later. I can’t take credit for the incredible meal. Everyone brought two or three dishes. It delivered. One unique thing I served this year was both smoked and herbed turkey, old fashioned cornbread dressing and smoked oyster dressing. These were a nice twist on common fare.

After dinner, several pitched in and at least cleared a pathway through the kitchen. Most everyone went upstairs to our tv room and watched the football game. I visited with friends who didn’t care for football, enjoyed the sweet ending of pecan pie, with a bite of plum pudding.

Now everyone is still watching the game. I am putting my feet up and grabbing a quiet moment. I am tired but feel full, not just in body, but in my soul. My blessings abound. I don’t deserve any of them. God is too good to me. My family is too good. I feel rich with things that matter most.


A few family members in the kitchen before dinner    


Getting ready to fill our plates


The best part of the day


 The red oak in my backyard that doesn’t have a red leaf this autumn

It snowed for a few minutes today. The flakes were huge, but the camera didn’t pick them up.


Levy provides a musical sweet ending


We have hugged necks, kissed cheeks and said good-bye. The living room is empty again, but the sweet memories linger.


  1. What a great time! Brought tears to my eyes- made missing my kids a little more but we also were blessed and thankful on this wonderful day.

  2. How was your day? I am sure you missed your kids, and I am sure you blessed a lot of “kids” by opening your home in Jerusalem.


  3. Sounds wonderful and fun. I loved the pics. Delicious except the oyster dressing. Yes this is one of my favorite holidays. You are hostess with the mostest.

  4. Sounds like you had a warm gathering! We too enjoyed our day, and it started off for us at DFW picking up our son Matt..he’s put in his six years in the Air Force and returned from Guam yesterday, just in time to celebrate the holidays with us. It’s been a year since all three of my chicks have been in my nest. I am blessed.

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