Sweeter Than Oranges…


This picture was taken in Lofou, Cyprus, an ancient, stone village tucked away in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains.  Some say the village is about 700 years old. I love this place. Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine myself ambling down its rough and narrow stone streets that were made once to accommodate just a donkey or small wagon.

The mountain village is as quaint and sweet as these old wooden bowls of oranges in the Lofou Tavern. 

The night before we left for the states, we enjoyed a simplified Cypriot Meze (meze means many dishes) there with dear friends. It is very traditional to end the meal with some kind of fruit like these sweet oranges. Small oranges and lemons are plentiful on the island.

Notice in the picture above the small stones wedged between the larger ones. This is the traditional Cypriot way of building.


Streets of Lofou.


I love these huge terracotta pots that were once used to collect rain water, store grain or wine. Now they are decorative, sometimes holding nothing or bursting with plants or flowers.

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