Generating Some Salt…

When I am enduring jetlag after an international trip–traveling several time zones and back–I am a notorious insomniac. In the last 24 hours, I have slept only three hours, and the day before only a couple of hours. It catches up with me after a physically and emotionally draining trip, like we just had in Ethiopia.

Rarely am I feeling downright depressed, but this morning I was. Exhausted and blue, very blue. I cried my eyes out to my husband. I just felt emotionally undone. I guess it was the impact of the trip, the travel, the fact that we will go again in two weeks to Cyprus, Syria, and Israel for about 18 days. There is so much to do to catch up and prepare to go again… and I am so tired. 

I expected my husband to pamper me. But instead he gave some very good advice. “Let’s go to the gym and work off this stress.” Well, I put my workout clothes on reluctantly and drug my feet all the way; but once I hit my stride on the treadmill and later lifted weights, sweat pouring out, I felt my eyes begin to brighten. I felt a smile coming on.

When we were through we bought ten large, red geraniums for our big pots in the front and back yards. [I wanted all red this year!] We came home and pulled weeds, planted the geraniums, swept, and raked leaves–with more sweat pouring off.

Then our dear friends, Pastor Olen and Syble, called and asked us to join them for sushi tonight for dinner. Wow! Now I am feeling very tired, very sweaty, and very happy. It will be fun to spend the evening with them and eat sushi.

I suddenly remembered one of my favorite quotes:

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea. ~Isak Dinesen

I agree: salt is a great cure. But to tell you the truth, I would have chosen the salt of the Mediterranean over sweat and tears today… just sitting by the ocean soaking in the sun, sea, salt, wave after wave…

Evidently the sweat and tears today did the trick! They generated just enough salt for me feel good about life again.


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  1. Jodie Durham says:

    Hey Bonnie, that is awesome that Wayne knew exactly what you needed. When I am stressed I am an insomniac, these days this means that I get very little sleep. Love you

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