Strumming Away the Airport Blues…

Our plane from Cyprus to Israel was detained for over four hours. There were a lot of Israelis on the flight; and after about three hours, this young Israeli picked up the guitar and strummed and sang the song “Piano Man,” which I hadn’t heard in years… it was delightful. Actually, he sang and played several songs and received animated applause each time. 

Another Israeli, bought a bottle of whiskey and passed shots around using the cap as a “shot glass” to anyone who wanted a drink, even if he didn’t know you…

I have to say it was the most unusual flight delay I have ever experienced.

Anyway, we arrived to the convent in Kiriath Yearim, outside of Jerusalem, at 4 AM and fell into bed.

Soon, I will write on Kiriath Yearim soon… after more rest…

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