Remembering Mothers

Pontormo’s “Visitation,” –famous mothers, Mary and Elizabeth

I wrote this in honor of my mother and mother-in-law. 

You Sobered Your Soul

During the fat of summer,
your thin hands
embraced the razor cold
of winter. Your heart
rejected lethargy in that joyful day of ease.
You sobered your soul
to tailor family hats,
mittens, and coats.
I watched you dip them in blood
and soak them in tears.
You gathered oil and wheat and wine.
You dug a cave for eternity
in the fragile, volatile state of
abundance. When others played in the shallow light
of summer, you sobered your soul.

At the first drop of rain, we hunkered down
in that dark cellar of faith. You smiled when the wind
blew the candles out, and the old rickety wooden table
jiggled as we wrote our lessons in the light of eternity.
You made sure our feet did not slip.
You squeezed the color from vegetables and painted a canvas of possibility;
and when we ate the last bite of soup, I saw you
bow your knee to one who is greater.
You warred for my life
and freed my feet and hands to jump over a wall with
ease, to stop an enemy in his tracks, to tie
the shoe of a child, to recognize a thirsty soul, and to understand
when a silver world begins to tarnish.
You taught us how to cope with clay feet and golden dreams
when you took away our measuring rods.
For this you are wise and good.
For this you are called Mother.

Euless, Texas, May 10, 2006

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  1. Amrita Singh says:

    Beautiful tribute. I hold your blog in high esteem and want to visit it lot more and write comments but it takes too long to open. I love reading your posts. God bless you on Mother ‘s Day

    I like your font size, its easy to read.I have vision problems.

  2. emma Rudolph says:

    Wow this is deep and beautifully meaningful. Happy Mother’s day to you.

  3. Bonnie says:


    I have wondered why I hadn’t seen you on my blog lately. Thanks for stopping by. I always love your comments.

    Happy MOther’s Day!

  4. Bonnie says:


    Thanks! You are a great mother and example to many. Hope your day is great!


  5. Tara says:

    Wonderful imagery, Bonnie…excellent piece!

  6. Bonnie says:


    Great to hear from you! I heard the new “Vibrant!” is out. I am eager to see it.

    I hope you had a great Mother’s Day.


  7. Amrita Singh says:

    Wow today your blog opened very quickly. God must have answered my prayer. LOL.

    I have slow dial-up connection

  8. Bruce says:

    Our Mom’s are probably the most dearest thing we have been given. They understood when we were incapable to do so. They gave when there was nothing more to give and they supported us when no one else would. I miss you so much Mom.

    I am so thankful for the wonderful things you imparted to me and my life. I wish y0u could be here now to see and hear your grandaughter’s glee and delight in the Lord and in life. So much that they have and enjoy today is a direct result of the sacrifice you gave back oh so many years ago, including the difficult birth you went through for me 50 years ago today. Thanks is such a small word but it carries so much meaning for me today.

    I look forward to being with you again soon. I know that time is without dimension where you are now. There is comfort in knowing this on this special day for both of us.

    I love you,


  9. Bonnie says:


    What sweet words for your mom. As a parent, it is easier to understand now just how much they give and love, right?

    Blessings, Bruce!


  10. Bonnie says:


    I am glad it is easier.


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