Golda, Indira, and Margaret…

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan

History has produced a few outstanding and successful female leaders: Golda Meier, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher… to name a few. Great women have impacted the world. And the world has shown it is open to the defining leadership of females. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton, as she once called herself, may not be one of those women. According to the Washington Post, Hillary claims to have received “sexist treatment” on the campaign trail.

Peggy Noonan writes that Hillary’s charges of “sexism” are insulting, manipulative, untrue, sissy, and prissy. Read about it here.

I doubt if Golda, Indira, or Margaret would play the “sexist”  card. They were too busy following their destinies, walking shoulder to shoulder with other leaders, and changing the course of nations and history to bother with such things.

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  1. Amrita Singh says:

    I have great respect for the 3 women you mentioned Bonnie. They stood up to men and never hid behind the sexists card. All these are lame excuses.The world is going mad over all these isms. Disgusts me.

    Really feel for the Capman family.
    The haiku and picture is really good.

  2. Lamar says:

    Women who wear “woman” usually wear it too tight. If I thought of Margaret Thatcher as a “woman” it would be “stateswoman.”
    What about the blacks who just want a black president. Considering my heritage, I would do anything to get a Welsh-American elected! Who cares if he’s a coal-mining swearing ignorant wife-beating carousing gambling infidel?

  3. Bruce says:

    Here are a few other women that came to my mind that I respect just as much but weren’t officially world leader politicans so they would fail to be listed with those great women you mentioned.

    Harriet Tubman
    Sojouner Truth
    Mother Teresa
    Wangari Maathai

    These women showed the world that they could run things just as good if not better than their male counterparts during their era. I am proud of them all for leading the way as refereence points to the world’s women today, should they choose to follow them.

    In Africa and Asia, many believe and know that it will take a women to really get things done where good ol boy conditions are rampant.

    Thanks for sharing.

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