Good-Bye Harvey Korman


Honestly, I had not thought about Harvey Korman, of the Carol Burnett Show, for years until I read that he just died at age 81. I spent many happy hours at home watching the funny skits of the Carol Burnett Show on television. 

The world was a simpler place then. This evening I watched a few of their skits on Youtube, and warm waves of memory washed over me… a kind of longing for that world that seemed safer and warmer…

Although I did not think Harvey was as funny as Tim Conway or Carol Burnett or even Vickie Lawrence, I did enjoy him stifling his laughter week after week as he performed next to these very funny people. Here is one of my favorite clips.


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  1. Tim and Harvey just had such comedic harmony. I will always laugh the most at Harvey Korman in “Blazing Saddles”. That movie is the funniest ever.
    One of my Top 10 movies of all time.

    Seriously McMillan

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