Celebrating! Three Posts… Over 4,000 Hits

I just noticed three posts that I wrote a few months ago have a sum of over 4,000 hits. In case you missed them:

Light as (is) Art – 2,036 hits since September 19, 2007

Emmanuel God With Us – over 1,033 hits since December 24, 2007

Albert Einstein and Jesus – over 1,004 hits since September 9, 2007

Thank you, dear readers, for coming and coming back! You always make my day.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. lwayswright says:

    Isn’t it so much fun to see how many people look at your stuff??? I get such a thrill when I look and see people are actually taking time to read what I write on here! I love your pictures by the way!

  2. Amrita Singh says:

    Congratulations Bonnie. I love your writing. You ‘re different. I call you a world Christian

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