The Prickly Cactus of Ungratefulness

As a parent, one of the things I most appreciate is gratefulness from my daughter. I love to give and provide for her. That is in the DNA of parenting. In fact, I want to give and provide more and more. I love to bless her and see her smile. But an ungrateful heart can take the joy out of giving, even to my own child. Oh, I would still give, but the act becomes tarnished a bit if it lands upon a thankless heart.

I used to be a prickly cactus with a stony, ungrateful heart.

Some years ago before I married and while I was a Bible school student at CFNi, my parents picked me up from the airport. I flew home to Colorado from Texas for the Christmas holiday. As my parents and I walked across the parking lot, I was complaining and complaining about some mishap. Suddenly my mom stopped me and said, “You are so ungrateful.”

The words stung. But they were so true.

Later while alone, I prayed about that painful revelation. I needed someone to say bluntly, “You are so ungrateful.”

I had a true revelation about it and repented. In fact, it made me really sad to think that I had not appreciated and verbally expressed my gratitude to the many who had selflessly and lovingly given to me through the years.

Now I make it a habit to express gratitude. In fact, I am probably a little crazy about it. But it so changed my life, when I saw how much I do owe to others and how much I need to express it… from the smallest thing to the biggest… I owe my successes, accomplishments, blessings, and joys in life to the efforts and generosity of others.

Something happened when I began to express gratitude: it softened the soil of my relationships and made my friendships sweeter. It broke down that selfish feeling inside me that said I was alone and have made it in life by pulling myself up by the bootstraps.

The truth is we are all deeply connected and deeply need each other.

Some things happen in life though that are hard to be grateful about… some things are out of my control, and I feel the prickles of judgment or ungratefulness popping up around me. That is where faith comes in. It is good to express gratefulness to a good God, no matter how things look–no matter how painful.

 I keep my life watered by expressing gratitude.. often and profusely. It causes a flower to pop up amid all the prickles of life. God is able to make the desert blossom like a rose…

Bottomline is God’s Word is true: He does cause all things to work for our good… There is no good thing that he withholds from the upright… He has stored up goodness for the righteous… His love never fails…

There is so much to be grateful for… just so much…

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  1. emma Rudolph says:

    You are so right. Bon I am grateful for your friendship. How wonderful to have a friend like you. I only wish you were closer. Still I am thankful for all the moments we have and look forward to more. Yes a grateful heart prepares the way. Love you.

  2. Joe says:

    Shalom Bonnie,

    This morning when I went on my morning walk I thought about the favor of the Lord; the family in Abu-Gosh that has opened their arms to us. Favor does not come from the evil one but from God; this is a helpful guide to direct in the path of God, as to which door to walk through. As we get close to signing the house contract I was getting nervous as to whether the favor of this family would continue towards us or whether the favor would be withdrawn. This is a lack of trust on my part and I had to repent; to go only through the door of the favor of the Lord is my desire not to try to keep doors open once God has opened them. To get anxious is to be lacking in trust and faith; to lack in the “waiting on the Lord” command. I am therefore grateful for what God is doing and look forward to the door(s) that he opens.

    Thank you for your inspiring post on gratefulness.

  3. Bonnie says:


    I am grateful for you too. And I am missing you, girl! I wish I could be with you to enjoy your new grandbaby. Ah!!! But I will see you at summer’s end in Germany look forward to it.

    Are you still fasting?

    I am praying for you.


  4. Bonnie says:


    We rejoice with you for the favor of the Lord. Save a room for us!! We’ll be there.

    Say hi to Bev!


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