the feet of a roman god

I was just thinking about a poem I wrote last fall on the shores of Caesarea, while visiting Israel. It is a beautiful, sundrenched coastline, replete with layers of antiquity. And it is a wonderful place to sit and ponder as the wind stirs the memories of an ancient civiliztion that once ruled the world.


the feet of a roman god

these are the feet of a roman god.
they are magnanimous, colossal,
strong, enduring, beautiful, and
as pure as alabaster.
they are everything a god should be,
but they are not pierced.


  1. Amrita,

    Nice to hear from you! Thanks for the compliment. I just read that poem and loved it!


  2. Amrita,

    Thanks for linking me to your blog. I will take a peek at the video you posted.

    We haven’t gone to the revival meetings in Lakeland, FL, yet. We will probably go in August or in the fall sometime, but I will report…

    Always great to hear from your side of the world!


  3. Bonnie,
    Absolutely wonderful poem. I come here from Amrita’s post and she has today given us all a wealth of other links to go to. Therefore, I am here…

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