This is Scary!

“The Messiah is Absolutely Speaking.”

These are the words Louis Farrakhan, nation of Islam leader, declared to a rapt audience about Barak Hussein Obama. Farrakhan said that Obama has captured the heart of America’s youth, which is a sign, that Obama is the messiah and that the “messiah is absolutely speaking.’ 

Read about it hereand watch a YouTube clip.

Read here about what’s on recordconcerening Farrakhan’s history and attitude toward the Jewish people. 

Can you imagine the outrage and uproar had some Christian stood up in a church service in Alaska and declared Sarah Palin the messiah?

There are some puzzle pieces missing; but even with their absence, I can make out the picture. And its not good. This is scary!

We must pray.

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  1. gnubee says:

    Bonnie you beat me to it ~ my husband and I just saw the youtube clip before I came to your post. I could feel my hair stand on end!! Scary, creepy, and down right insane!

    On the bright side between that clip and the markets turmoil, etc ~ it can only mean that the Lord’s return for us is that much closer 🙂


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