Healing Leaves

Today is the first full day of Sukkot. I love this Jewish holiday–the time when the family builds a “sukkah” or tent with branches on top and lives in it for eight days. It’s like camping. What child doesn’t love to sleep outside under the stars?

The purpose of the Jewish festival is to remember how God led Israel through the desert for 40 years. They ate manna, provided for them daily. Their shoes did not wear out. And when they thristed, they drank from a rock! God took care of every need. A wonderful teaching example for children, Sukkot shows children that God is their source and that they can get by with the bare essentials, like a lean-to home in the backyard, a table, food, and a blanket!

Sukkot is also a “Sabbath unto the Lord.” That means it is a day of rest–a day to take joy in God. So I have been resting today… taking pleasure in simple things like the abundant leaves that fill my house and yard. Actually, I like leaves more than flowers! They are exquitely creative for being the non-descript green backdrop of the world we live in!

Today this lush greenery has become “healing leaves” for me, and I am praising God for His creation and creativity as I examine them.

And I am remembering that I am called as a disciple of Jesus to be “healing leaves to the nations” (Revelation 22:2).

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