How Different My Life


Autumn by Ihor Ropyanyk

How Different My LIfe

Dry autumn leaf floating
lightly above water,
carelessly down river
in search of nothing.
Caring not winter’s short light
will freeze the river
white and solid.
Autumn leaf encased in time
immobile between heaven and earth
until the spring thaw
rushes it clear
back to dirt.

How different my life–
propelled, angled,
pressed, and indentured.
Purpose conquering meaning,
transcending narrow space
entombed in liberty
mobile between heaven and earth
until Spring’s thaw
translates me clear
back to dirt.
Spirit gliding above water.

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  1. I love the seasonal poetry, especially since we raked leaves off our own lawn yesterday. The sea and trees…. two of my favorites from nature’s vast optical exhibit.

    The Kimbell Museum just finished their Impressionist art exhibit with master paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago. There were some lovely works with nature in full display. Well worth the money and the time.


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