Something New…



Announcing a new photoblog– “echogram.”  It is a collaboration with a good friend, Mary Jo…

Mary Jo has served the pastoral staff of a large church as the Associate Pastor of Prayer & Intercession since 2004. She and her husband have two married daughters that have blessed them with four grandchildren.

I have served as a missionary for the last 13 years and also work as a freelance writer. My husband and I have one 21 year-old daughter.

One day over lunch, Mary Jo and I had the idea to combine our love of God’s Word, prophetic intercession, prayer, art, and photography into a blog…

One special weblog inspired us–the famous photoblog, “3191: A Year of Mornings” and “3191: A Year of Evenings.” In their blog, these two women have only met once,  live 3,191 miles apart, and decide to share their lives by photos taken in the soft light of morning and evening of their perspective worlds.

Each day for two years, they took photos from their very different worlds and entered them into their blog: “3191.” It was amazing to see how the photos “fused” and often echoed the same message, texture, themes, or colors.

Echogram–our photoblog–is our creative and prayerful expression as an echo or fusion as prophetic intercessors who love God’s Word and His creation. We see beauty and the expression of His presence–always wooing mankind with love and mercy–through creation, people, and the everyday, simple things that surround our lives.

The first photo on the top of each post will be taken by Mary Jo. The second on the bottom will be taken by me. After the first of the year, I will be traveling to Cyprus, Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Israel. Mary Jo will be serving the Lord’s body at home in the states in the area of her passion–prayer and intercession.

Several times a week, we will post photos of our everyday worlds–often with scriptures or prayers and intercessions–as a cry to a searching world… as a song of thanksgiving to our loving Father above… we long to “resound His glory and echo His praises from coast to coast” (Isaiah 42:12).

We believe that all of life is spiritual, and God is relentlessly revealing Himself to creation through daily events–from the monumental to the mundane.

We would be honored for you to stop by and join our journey by leaving a comment.

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