‘Painter of Light’–Thomas Kinkade


This post is not going to be what you think… I am not a fan.

Self proclaimed “painter of light,” Thomas Kinkade’s art is splashed everywhere in American society. I was especially surprised to read that Kinkade is very popular with evangelic Christians. Somehow Kincade has learned how to tap the market. It is said that there have been million dollar book sales, million dollar c/ds, and Kinkade wants to produce the first million dollar sales from his art. Maybe he has done it by now. He sells to everyone for anything and on anything…

The only piece I maybe can warm up to is the one above–the soldier coming home. The rest of them… I just don’t get the draw… I just don’t get it…


“Almost Heaven” by Thomas Kinkade

Sorry this does nothing for me.

You can read about the interesting life, art, and controversy of Thomas Kinkade here.

Now this art, by Yoram Raanan, I totally love and get…


“Esther” by Yoram Raanan

I know it is a matter personal taste. And thank God we are not all the same. I just won’t be hanging any Kinkades in my home any time soon…

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