Breakfast in Bed?



Since I am a morning person, it is really hard for me to stay under the covers and enjoy breakfast in bed. I like to get up before dawn, sit in my big zebra chair by the fireplace where I can see the dawn arrive from my front door. In the spring and summer, I sit under the arbor outside  in our backyard by the pond and listen to the birds.


This is the best time of day for me. Morning. Fresh with possibility, replete with expectation and joy, wiped clean with no mistakes… This is my time to dream and plan. And it is the best time to write. I can really wordsmith in those early, dark hours.

But this morning I took my liberty to sleep in and order breakfast in bed here at the Biltmore in Coral Gables. I am also listening to classical music and enjoying a cool, balmy breeze from the opened french doors.


The biggest luxury here for me is to be alone. Yes, that’s me–Miss Hermit. Ask my friend Tara about leaving my own birthday party to go to bed early. Well, hopefully I am not that rude now that I am older, but I do crave being alone and silence.

So with that I’m sigining off. It’s a little too crowded in here.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tara says:

    BIRTHDAYBREAKFASTFORBONNIE…that way she’ll be wide awake!

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