My parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary!

We traveled from the balmy beaches of Florida, to the mild and sunny climate of Texas, to a blanket of winter white snow in Colorado. We awoke this morning to about six inches. I pulled the kitchen curtains back to see such a wonderful sight.

This is so special for my husband and daughter who were both born in Texas and rarely have had the opportunity to enjoy the snow. They are really enjoying it. Today we must make a quick trip to Colorado Springs in the snow…

My parents’ 60th wedding anniversary was incredible. The whole family was there. We had a great Italian meal, lots of stories, and  tons of laughter. It was a memorable evening.


Here are the four Saul siblings. I am the oldest, my brother, sister in purple next, and the sister in white is the baby.


Four generations of Saul men.


I am going to enjoy the snow today just like I did when I six years old… tomorrow we are back in Texas, and in less than one week Germany and Cyprus… the first leg of four nations.

Yes, I love my life!

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  1. Amrita says:

    Happy aniversary to your parents.
    Great family you have.

    My parents would have celebrated thier 50th had my Dad been alive.

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