Canyon Carvings

Canyon Carvings What words are carved of You Oh, Ancient of Days across these canyon walls? I see You, think if You, yearn for You in every crevasse. What is Your Name? What motivates You? All this glory around me tells me a story about You. But as it turns out, this is my story. … More Canyon Carvings

The Aspen

  The Aspen Imagine being so long and lean, white and perfectly exquisite, captivating and beautiful — towering through the clouds that it became unnecessary to notice the leaves of your faces or the branches of your lovely arms, except in autumn, yes, except in autumn. ©Bonnie Saul Wilks all rights reserved       … More The Aspen

85th Birthday Bash

We are in Colorado for the weekend for my Dad’s 85th birthday bash — well, it more of a special celebration meal than a bash. Still, I think being 85 is pretty special. Both my parents look really good! And secretly I think they are more active and have less pain in their bodies than … More 85th Birthday Bash

Small Awakenings…

Divided by long, prosaic interludes, life is a series of awakenings. I don’t know about you, but I have had several ”revelations” that have desperately influenced me–dividing my life into two parts: before and after. Sometimes awakenings have occured because of unexpected happenings; while at other times, the most mundane things have grabbed my attention and changed the course of … More Small Awakenings…


My parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary! We traveled from the balmy beaches of Florida, to the mild and sunny climate of Texas, to a blanket of winter white snow in Colorado. We awoke this morning to about six inches. I pulled the kitchen curtains back to see such a wonderful sight. This is so … More Snow!